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Hey howdy hey, folks! Happy Saturday! How’s your weekend going? Are you safe from the hurricane? Do you have nice weather? It is beginning to feel like fall here. The sun was out and it was nice, but the breeze felt cool all day.

I spent the better part of my afternoon writing in the wild. And by “writing” I mean I sat in Starbucks for an hour thinking about what to write while obsessively checking my battery to see how long I had until I would need to plug in. My local Starbucks is very small, only a handful of tables on either end, and the table I sat at did not have an accessible outlet. I’m too much of a dork to just pack up and go to a different table so once I finished my latte I just left.

I still wanted to work though, to finish the thing I was working on (a future prompt for when I’m on vacation in two weeks), so I remembered we have a Panera and decided to get lunch. I haven’t been to Panera in ages (kinda stopped eating there the same time I stopped eating wheat) so it was a nice treat. Got soup and salad and set up in a big comfy chair in a corner with an outlet.

It was still a struggle though. I was just too distracted. It had nothing to do with the people around me. There were Things™ happening in the NFL and I was glued to my phone texting my husband about all the drama even though he was at a golf tournament.

Speaking of phones, I got a new one tonight. Once hubby got home from the tourney, we went and upgraded our devices. Turned my S7 and his S8+ into a pair of S10’s. Took way longer than I thought it would but I’m excited for a shiny new toy with a battery that will hopefully last me all day tomorrow. I’m just as excited about the football game we are going to and which is the reason I am posting my weekly update tonight instead of tomorrow.

I also broke down and finally got a PopSocket. I should go figure out how to put that on and finish setting up my phone. And then I should make sure I’m good to go for tomorrow and get to bed. Gonna be a long day. Should have plenty of time on the train to think about these prompts though!

326. What is the best way to show kindness and hospitality to strangers?
327. Do you believe in luck and if so, describe a time you were lucky?
328. You’re in charge of a murder mystery dinner theatre for one night. Describe the scenario you’ve set for your guests to solve.
329. In what way do you spread yourself too thin?
330. Have you ever been in a one-sided relationship where you did all the giving and got nothing in return?

Ooh! Murder mystery prompt! I am excited for that one! Maybe I’ll even turn it into an actual party and have it at my house! That would be exciting! Well, we’ve certainly got some interesting prompts to work with this week. Normally this is where I say “see you tomorrow night!” but this post is a day early and so I will wish you a great end to your weekend and see you Monday!

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