Prompt 327-Lucky

Do you believe in luck and if so, describe a time you were lucky?

Mutters from the new recruits on The Eternity about the ninja captive recovering in the Captain’s cabin were quickly stifled by the veterans of the battle against the bandits. They made it very clear that none of them would be alive to gripe about her special treatment if she hadn’t saved them all in the first place. The fact that the Captain had a fondness for the woman was in no way to be taken for a fondness for all ninjas. And knowing what she looked like beneath her mask, no one blamed the Captain his attraction.

Certainly not Cyril. The medic had thoroughly examined Kita while she was under his care. He suspected he had seen far more of her than anyone other than herself, but as a medic he didn’t pay much mind to her physical appearance as a woman. His main concern was the deep gash in her shoulder. It would have been fine had it been left to heal on its own, but her tussle with the thieves had aggravated it in a way he did not like at all. Given that it had been left to the open air for an indeterminate amount of time before she had been found, he was especially wary of infection.

Her fever had gone down some since she was brought to him, but it hadn’t yet broken. Cyril had told the Captain she wasn’t in danger of dying because he didn’t want the man to worry, but the truth was, the longer the fever held, the less sure he became. He believed they would be very lucky if she survived.

Luck. Kita seemed to have a lot of luck.

Cyril frowned at the freshly wrapped bandages. The wound itself could have been a lot worse. She was lucky they had just restocked on their medical supplies. She was lucky they had found her when they did. She was lucky the bullet had torn clean through. She was lucky the pirates had sided with her and believed her when she’d gone to the crew for a rescue party. She was lucky Leo didn’t kill her in their first encounter.

She had brought them luck, too. A ninja who preferred to befriend pirates rather than fight them. She had quickly become a fierce ally, and was the difference maker in their hopeless fight. And then, she had pointed them in the direction of a bustling port where they could get everything they needed to continue their journey.

As he watched her labored breathing, he hoped her luck would hold out.

Notes: I was so excited for this prompt and then I had such a hard time getting anything going. At some point I decided it was going to be a Kita/Leo story and figured it would be a breeze but the muse was not with me and I didn’t get rolling until really late. Interestingly, we get Cyril’s POV here, not Leo or Kita. To be honest, I’m not sure why he’s a pirate. He’s such a gentle soul. They must pay better than other people. After all, pirates need doctors too.

My own luck is weird. It’s no good for chance games or gambling, but it is the main reason I’m alive. Growing up, I had plenty of “near misses” on the farm. Plenty of scary accidents too, but I walked away from every one (mostly) unscathed. I also almost never fall when skiing. I will be nearly spread-eagled and about to go ass-over-tea-kettle and somehow manage to right myself and stay on my feet. It’s a very boring super power.

Ok, now it’s your turn! Are you lucky? Are you unlucky? Do you even believe in such silliness? Write it down! Have a great night! I’ll see you tomorrow!

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