Dirty Thirty

Hey howdy hey friends, family, and followers! I hope your weekend is going well. I’ve had a very writing-themed weekend. Working ahead on prompts for the blog, planning out future stories, and getting together with a few writer friends to talk about our WIPs and bounce ideas off each other. It’s something I’ve really needed since I don’t real share much of my writing with other writers outside of the blog. I’m excited about the added motivation!

Speaking of excitement, my birthday is tomorrow. My mom became a mom 30 years ago. Three whole decades. That’s a long time. Once upon a time, that was an entire lifetime. Now, it’s less than half an expected lifetime. … I figure if I write “time” enough times it will cease to have meaning.

I don’t really have plans for the day though. I have to work. Husband is taking me out to a fancy dinner and hopefully my Bell jersey will arrive in time for me to wear when Monday Night Football kicks off. Not that I hold out any hope for a Jets win. It’s only week 2 and half our team is injured or sick. (Who still gets mono in 2019?)

Part of the reason I am working on my birthday, aside from being an Adult™ with a Real Job™, is that I am finally going on vacation at the end of the week. We’re flying out to Seattle on Thursday and staying with family on his mother’s side in Friday Harbor in the San Juan islands. I can’t wait to see the Pacific Northwest. I’ve never been further west than Niagara Falls. (Although I guess Orlando is technically further west, though I tend to think of it as being strictly east.) For that matter, I’ve never been further north than Portland, ME.

Hopefully a change of scenery will give me all kinds of new inspiration for writing! And speaking of writing, here are this week’s prompts:

331. If you could travel to outer space would you and what would you hope to get out of the experience?
332. What brings out your nerdy side?
333. How have you changed over the last 5 years?
334. Name a novel you’d love to model your life after.
335. Do you prefer sunrises or sunsets?

So, this week and the next are going to be a little hectic. Between my birthday tomorrow and my vacation at the back half of the week into next, there’s probably not gonna be a lot of time for writing. That said, I’ve already written 3/4 prompts that will come up while I’m away and plan to finish the last one today. At some point before I leave I will also write up a post for next Sunday and get that scheduled so there’s no interruption in regularly scheduled content while I’m gone.

I’m looking forward to my flights west so I can spend some time focusing on outlining my NaNo project and also a short story for another Writer’s Digest contest due in November. And also maybe something else for my writer’s group to go over the next time we get together.

Anyway. Have a great Sunday! I’ll see you tomorrow, probably with a Todd or Jack story! Peace!

PS-Like these prompts? Like the short stories I write based on these prompts? Want to show your support? Give the blog a follow! Leave a comment! Buy me a coffee! I put a lot of time and effort into these posts and your support means the world to me! Ok, now go out there and write!

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