Absentee Author

Welcome to another week of prompts! I am currently wandering around the San Juan islands in the Pacific northwest and (probably) having a grand ol’ time! Unfortunately (or maybe very fortunate) for you, that means no lengthy post about my weekend or some random writing anecdote today. Instead you get to just jump right into the list of prompts for the week!

336. What lesson do you think the world could benefit from?
337. If life is like a box of chocolates, then describe your box.
338. Have you ever bought anything off an infomercial, if so what and did you like it?
339. Write a poem that describes how you feel about war.
340. If someone told you to color outside the lines, what would that mean to you?

We fly back tomorrow but I’ve got the next two prompts done ahead because I foresee being too tired to work on them. Those will be up as scheduled, just like the end of last week (and today) was (is). Have a great rest of your weekend. See you Wednesday!

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