Prompt 351-Blooper Song

Create a song about the funniest blooper or moment in your life. Give it an even funnier song title.

Kitchen Comedy Club

The sisters are grown
And spread far from home
But the memories linger and simmer
Of younger days
And silly ways
The times when they were simpler

The holidays arrive
They reunite
In the home raised by their mother
They get caught up
They fill their guts
Surrounded by each other

But when the night grows late
And the house is asleep
In the kitchen is a struggle to keep
The giggles from breaking the silence

The ritual stroll down memory lane
Is fraught with manic glee
The taunts and roasts bring
Half-hearted threats of sibling violence


I am not sure where I was going with this, but I can’t think of another rhyme. Songwriting was never my strong suit, and for someone who is unintentionally funny a lot, I am not very good at writing comedy either.

I really struggled to come up with a single blooper moment in my life that would be fodder for this prompt. I have never done a single embarrassing thing in my entre life. Or so my brain would have me believe while trying to come up with an idea to write about. As a very shy introvert for most of my life, I have actively avoided situations where I could make a fool of myself. Any silly-in-hindsight incidents I might have drawn from have been sufficiently repressed.

I tried asking my husband about any time he remembers me doing something incredibly silly that I could use here, but he couldn’t think of anything either. (A likely story.) All we could come up with was the ridiculous things my sister said when she was a preteen, and how we still laugh about them to this day. I’m not keen on roasting her here in the blog though. Certainly not without her permission, and at this point I’m not going to ask.

The best I could come up with, thinking about laughter and my family, was the fact that whenever I am home for a visit, two or more of us invariably end up sitting on the kitchen counters or floor shortly before bed, reminiscing and roasting each other and generally being ridiculous. For some reason, the closer you are to the floor, the funnier everything is.

Bleh. I should try this prompt again someday. But for now, it’s your turn! Try to write a song about a funny time in your life! Or be a rebel and write a song about a different emotion! Maybe I should have done that from the start. Flex those creative muscles! Get out of your comfort zone! You can do it!

As for me, that’s one post closer to the end of the year. Only nine more until 2020! What a year/decade it has been. I’m ready to hibernate for a bit. Alas, I will only go sleep for a few hours. Then it’s up and off to work because that’s what adults do. Yuck. I don’t like being an adult. Then again, who does? Bills are lame. Anyhoo. Have a great night! Keep up the good writing! See you again soon!

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