Holiday Schedule

Oh, hello! Long time, no post. How’ve you all been? Didn’t burn the place down while I was gone, I see. That’s good.

What have I been up to these last two weeks? Lotta socializing and shopping and not a lotta writing. Since my post-NaNo recap on the first I think I’ve written 2k across 4 days? Not exactly NaNo numbers, haha!

In the last two weeks I’ve been to 3 holiday parties, spent several afternoons doing Christmas shopping, spent an afternoon cleaning and decorating my house, attended a Christmas concert, and had my car in the shop (couple recall things and a routine oil change). The holiday shopping alone is enough to sap all my creative energy for a couple days at a time, but I think it’s all done. I just have to mail one thing out for my niece and help my husband finish a thing for my sister but aside from that I am DONE. I’m even more than halfway done wrapping.

To be honest this post is really a distraction from finishing all the wrapping tonight. I was getting tired of standing over the table and wanted to sit and write but wasn’t sure what to write about. Then I remembered I said I would be back after two weeks and that self-imposed deadline passed me by yesterday.

So here I am tonight. Just a girl. Sitting in front of a computer. Typing the words that come into my mind as I try to breathe a bit of life back into the coals I banked when I started my break 14 days ago.

I have been honestly thinking about the schedule for the remainder of the year. I don’t think I can keep the rate of five prompts per week over the next two weeks, not with the holiday smack in the middle. I’m hosting my family for the first time and it’s going to be a very exciting day. I’m also already off to a late start by doing my typical “update” post on a Monday.

So, what does that mean? Well, it means I’m going to have a bit of a weird posting schedule through the end of the month. Namely, I’m only going to do 5 prompts, but I’m also going to do 5 “miscellaneous” essay posts. I will probably alternate a prompt and an essay depending on how the muse is feeling. Point is, over the next fifteen days, there will be at least ten more posts. Trying to ease myself back into the writing habit amid the December insanity.

This month’s prompts will be:

351. Create a song about the funniest blooper or moment in your life. Give it an even funnier song title.
352. What keeps you smiling on the worst of days?
353. What do you think should be a goal for every person on the planet?
354. What unrealistic demands or pressures do you refuse to give in to?
355. Do you follow your gut instincts and if so are they usually right?

In addition to those prompts, I will have posts along the following topics:

Developing Awakening
Year End Recap
Books I Read in 2019
My Thoughts on the #WritingCommunity
Christmas Recap?
Excerpt from NaNo Project?
Top 10 List(s) for the Year/Decade?

Undecided on the fifth one. Could be any one of those last three or any combination of them. I guess I’ll see how the muse is feeling when it comes time to sit and write. Hopefully she cooperates.

I look forward to writing with you all again! In the meantime, I’m gonna go curl up with a book and some tea and hope this storm doesn’t make as big of a mess of my morning commute as they’re saying it might. See you tomorrow!

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