Prompt 365 – Rules

Do you feel rules were made to be broken?

“You can’t do that,” Lily said.

“Sure I can,” Ava replied. “And I just did.”

“But it’s against the rules,” Teddy whined.

“Rules, shmules! They don’t know me!”

“Ava, you’re being ridiculous.”

“Shut up, Simon! You didn’t make the rules!”

“Yeah, but someone else did,” he countered. “And the rules say you can’t do that.”

Ava slammed her small fist on the table. “Rules are made by whoever is in charge to create an order that satisfies their world view. If those rules are malicious or oppressive, they must be broken.”

A hush fell over the playhouse. Her friends watched her warily as she leaned back in her tiny plastic chair.

Lily sighed. “This is Uno, not the Hunger Games. Just draw your four cards, already.” The other children giggled.

“House rules?” Ava pleaded.

“This is my house,” Teddy said. “And in my house, we follow the Rules in the Box.”

Ava scowled as she picked up the Draw Two card she had tried to stack and put it back in her hand. “Next time we play at my house,” she said, drawing her penalty. She would have her revenge someday.

Notes: I tried to think of a really neat line that summed up the idea that rules aren’t always good and sometimes they should even be questioned. I worked it over in my head while I was driving home and came up with something amazing. The trouble is, when you’re doing 80 on the interstate, you can’t exactly write down the good shit that pops into your head. I have come up with so many good ideas while driving that I promptly forgot as soon as I arrived at my destination. Ava’s line was to the same effect, but I don’t think the words were as good as when they came to me in the car.

Then, of course, I tried to come up with a scenario for a character to say this awesome line. A resistance fighter type, trying to win people over to their side. But then my brain hiccupped and giggled and inserted this inane little plot into my head: what if the speaker is just very dramatic at board games? And then somehow that devolved into children playing Uno and now here we are. I don’t know where this child got these sorts of ideas, she can’t be more than like 6.

This is another prompt I really like, though, and might give it another go someday. How many times have I said that in over 2 years of writing on this blog? … Maybe don’t answer that.

I would have liked to write a bit more for this one, but I’ve been up writing past midnight two nights in a row now and I’d like to actually get to bed before 12 tonight. Thank god tomorrow is Friday. This has been a week.

Don’t forget to try the prompt out for yourself! Ask your characters how they feel about rules being made to be broken. Have a great night! See you tomorrow!

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