Prompt 366 – Sitcom Life

If you were to create a TV sitcom about your life (any period) what would it be called and what star would play you?

My family has often joked that we would make bank if a camera crew lived with us and followed us around filming us all day and night because it’d be the best reality sitcom ever conceived. There have been so many hilarious moments over the years, it’s hard to pick a particular era to cover. I suppose the best time frame would be my early high school years, when my youngest sister was still a toddler, and therefore a font of comedic inspiration.

That’s not to say the older girls and I didn’t have our share of silly fights or stupid games with our friends, but the dynamic of three tweens and a toddler with their entertainer mother has some Good Luck Charlie x Suite Life vibes.

You have me, the shy, angsty, perpetually exhausted, 16 years old honors student. My sisters from my mom’s first marriage, the spunky, confident, older-than-her-years 13 year old who is no longer the sole middle child and the 11 year old former baby of the family who has to come to terms with the fact that there’s a new baby and she’s one of the Big Sisters now. And of course, said baby, the 4 year old who might also be a savant.

Casting is difficult. I’m not really up on all the latest teen stars who could play the younger versions of myself and my sisters. *one quick Google/imdb search later* My sisters and I have three different hair colors between us, so naturally I looked for a blonde, a brunette, and a redhead.

My youngest tween sister in this sitcom could be played by Kyla Kenedy. She was great as Mika in The Walking Dead, even if her character did go a little crazy towards the end. The second oldest is a ginger and so of course I’m gonna go with Sadie Sink, AKA Max from Stranger Things. Snark and humor galore! Despite being younger than both these actresses, for the role of myself, I would probably cast Dafne Keen. I love her Lyra in His Dark Materials so much, and she reminds me of myself as a very tomboyish teenager. I think for my mom, Mary-Louise Parker would be wonderful. She has a fantastic comedic side but also the strength to play a great mom.

Now, what to call it? Well, I suppose it should be something that reflects me, personally, since I am the “star” of this sitcom. I do not like being the center of attention, despite constantly wanting acknowledgment. Or maybe it should be related to a quote or inside joke from my family. OH! I know!

Fighting Nice

Mom always told us if we were gonna fight, to fight nice. Not sure if we ever really figured that one out, to be honest. That’s a great name for a sitcom. Hey CBS, NBC, hit me up. Got us a real winner over here!

Notes: Well I managed to pull 500 words out for this prompt, I call that a win. I’ll be honest, felt super creepy looking up teen actresses for my “dream cast” for this. Mostly cause there were so many lists of like “beautiful teen actresses” and other such objectifying descriptors being used for literal children but I digress. Also looked for kids that were familiar, which was difficult considering I watch so little TV and less with child actors, so there are probably better options out there I just didn’t consider. Still, managed to have fun with this despite hating these sorts of prompts.

And with that, we’ve managed to survive through January. Here’s hoping the rest of the year just gets better! Have a great weekend!

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