Day of Days

Happy Sunday! It’s February 2nd! And the groundhogs have not seen their shadows so that means early spring! The sun is shining here and the temp is in the 40s so it certainly feels like spring is around the corner. But this is also February in the northeast so we’re bound to have a couple more snow storms before winter officially leaves us. We haven’t really had much yet this year. Which I hate because if it’s gonna be cold, I at least want there to be snow. I hate being cold.

In addition to being Groundhog Day, it’s also a global palindrome day! I like when numbers make patterns, and tend to associate things with numbers so when dates make a pattern it’s especially fun to me. 02-02-2020 is the same forward and backward, and since the month and the day are the same, it works whether your country follows a dd-mm-yyyy format or a mm-dd-yyyy format! Pretty neat, huh?

Of course, it’s also Superbowl Sunday here in the States. The Big Game. I love football as much as the next girl, but even to me the hype is a bit much. I like getting together with friends who also enjoy football and eating so much food, though. I’ve cooked for and hosted several parties over the years, but this year I’m going to a friend’s where I don’t have to cook. I’ve got my Mahomes T-shirt (jerseys were sold out in every size except 3XL by the time I went to order one) and I am pumped for what should be an exciting game of football!

I am also pumped to check out some prompts for this week. What’ve we got?

367. What can you never get enough of?
368. If you could sit down with any influential leader from any country; who would it be and what would you say to them?
369. Name something you’re never willing to risk or take a risk on and why?

I cringe every time I see a political-adjacent prompt like that second one. Dunno how I plan to answer that one. I’m far more comfortable in fiction than reality though so it’ll probably be an interview-style short story set in one of my pre-established worlds.

I’m also doing the micro fiction prompts on Twitter again. Remember October? Those were fun and they kept me inspired leading into NaNo. January was a struggle (I had 12 zero days, ugh) so I’m hoping these will keep the creative muscles limber and the muse intrigued so that I can actually focus on my WIPs on the off nights from the blog. I’ll share them here at the end of the week going forward, but the first two for this weekend were “script” and “sanity:”

February 1st – Script

Janorrah admired her skin in the full-body mirror, the intricate script tattooed on it covering her from head to toe. By dawn, it would be gone, along with her. An acolyte brought robes to her. The ritual was necessary. She wasn’t afraid. She would save her kingdom.

February 2nd – Sanity

“I’ll go.” He looks at me like he usually does when he thinks I’m slipping, but for the first time in my life, I have a firm grip on my sanity. I squeeze his hand and smile. “I’ve wrestled monsters far worse than these all my life. This battle is the one I was born for.”

I’m apparently in a self-sacrifice, save-the-world mentality today. Which is a perfect time to write more of Ali’s story. Maybe I’ll go do some extra writing today before the party.

Have a great rest of your weekend!

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