Prompt 378 – Doubts

Have you ever had doubts about something and went ahead with it anyway, if so how’d it turn out?

The woman in the mirror was stunning. The red chiffon dress fell gently over her hips, the cross-over draping at the waist slimmed her, and the sleeveless V-neck bared her chest and shoulders. She was the sort of woman who would turn heads at a party and leave with no fewer than a dozen numbers.

She wasn’t me.

“I don’t know about this,” I call out to my friends in the waiting area. I’ve never been comfortable in dresses, never felt beautiful or desired, never wanted to stand out. This dress is making me feel things I’m not sure I’m ready to feel. How does it fit so smooth, like it was made for me?

“Oh come on, Saki,” Tanya’s voice answers me. “At least let us see it.”

“I didn’t drag you all the way out here to try on bridesmaids’ dresses just so you could flake on me!”

I flinch at Robin’s harsh reminder of the reason for my visit. I’d agreed to this, after all. “Ok, ok, I’m coming out.”

Angie is closest to the hallway and lets out the first gasp as I round the corner into the fitting room waiting area. Her eyes light up and I see her expression reflected on the others as well. Faith and Izzy exchange triumphant smirks. This dress had been their find. Tanya beams from ear to ear. “Damn girl, who are you and what have you done with Saki?”

“Told you she needed an A-line sheath,” Izzy scoffs.

“As ever, you have the best eye, darling.” Faith plants a congratulatory kiss on her girlfriend’s cheek.

Angie is bouncing in her seat. “Give us a twirl, won’t you?”

My face feels as red as the dress, but I oblige. The skirt flares out and wraps around my legs as I come to a stop. I receive a round of applause and can’t help but curtsy. The applause descends into giggling.

Robin is watching me with an amused expression. “So what’s wrong with it?” she asks.

My hands fidget with smoothing the pleated skirt. “There’s nothing wrong with it, not really.”

“It fits?” I nod. “And you’re not uncomfortable?” I shake my head. She’s smirking. “You like it, don’t you?”

I look at the other women in the fitting area. Their faces all say they can see right through me. And they’re victorious. They finally found a dress I like. Robin’s wedding won’t be ruined by her tomboy former college roommate. I sigh, running my hands over the fabric on my hips. It is so smooth. “I do,” I admit.

Robin cackles. “That’s my line! Don’t think you’re gonna steal my thunder on my big day just because you look like a model now.” She winks to lessen the bite of her words.

Faith claps her hands together. “So, are we done shopping now? Can we go get sushi?”

“Always thinking with your stomach first, head second.” Tanya teases.

As they descend into friendly bickering, I turn back to the changing room to put my own clothes back on. Angie gives me a thumbs up and I feel less overwhelmed by the whole affair. I just thank my lucky stars that I’m not the one getting married. I doubt I’d ever find the right wedding dress.

Notes: No big doubts or revelations for this little tale. I had the line “I’m not sure about this” pop into my head and ran with it. Not sure how I settled on a dress, but once I did, the rest sort of fell into place. I was also thinking about going a “declaration of love” route. Having doubts about whether the other person returns the feelings or not and not wanting to ruin anything by asking. (I’ve been reading too much fluffy fanfiction lately.)

I have doubts about lots of things all the time. I had pretty big doubts when I started the blog two years ago too, but as you can see, that’s panned out pretty well. I’m still here almost 500 posts later and writing most days if not always posting. I’m glad I’ve kept up with it all this time. I hope you’re all glad, too!

Thank god for the weekend. It’s been a weird, long week, despite having had Monday off. I’m gonna go sleep forever now. And then tomorrow I’ll have one last (?) Twitter prompt round-up. Haven’t decided if I’m gonna keep doing them every day throughout March as well or if I’ll only do them sporadically as I feel like it. They are pretty fun to use as a warm up for writing my blog posts. Anyway, we’ll see.

Have a great weekend! See you soon!

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