Prompt 365 – Rules

Do you feel rules were made to be broken? “You can’t do that,” Lily said. “Sure I can,” Ava replied. “And I just did.” “But it’s against the rules,” Teddy whined. “Rules, shmules! They don’t know me!” “Ava, you’re being ridiculous.” “Shut up, Simon! You didn’t make the rules!” “Yeah, but someone else did,” he … Continue reading Prompt 365 – Rules

Prompt 354 – Refusal

What unrealistic demands or pressures do you refuse to give in to? “Absolutely not.” “Gabe, please!” Julian’s voice cracked with the plea. “You’re the only one left who can!” Gabriel leered down at the pitiable man groveling at his feet. Julian had been strong, once. A leader worth following. He’d thrown all of that away … Continue reading Prompt 354 – Refusal