Prompt 161-Strength

What, in your opinion, is strength?

Todd leaned forward with his hands on his knees, struggling to catch his breath. His shirt was soaked through and his muscles ached. By contrast, Fae was examining her slender fingernails and looking for all the world like she had not just been engaged in simulated combat. The tight braid woven around her pale head had not a hair out of place, her long skirt was unrumpled and she appeared ready for a gala.

“How did I beat you?” she asked.

Todd forced a laugh. “Because you aliens are made of stronger stuff?”

The princess clenched her fist and inhaled deeply. “We have been through this, Todd. My people are made of the same stuff you and yours are made of. Our base genetic material does not differ greatly from your own.” She lowered her fist and folded her hands together neatly in front of her. “I am no stronger than you physically, so how did I beat you?”

Todd straightened his back and rested his hands on his hips. “I don’t know much about your home planet, but here on Earth when one person kicks the crap out of another without breaking a sweat, we say that person is pretty strong.”

“What is strength but the ability to efficiently utilize one’s skills to succeed despite obstacles?” she asked, arching her eyebrow.

Todd considered her for a moment. “I’m pretty sure your strength is related to how hard you can hit.”

Fae rubbed her temple and sighed. “That is only one meager part of it. I can see I have much to teach you if you are to have any hope of facing the Empress’s soldiers and living to tell the tale.”

Todd grinned. “I guess I’m lucky to have a Mosari teacher.”

“Lucky, or perhaps not so fortunate.” She smirked as she took up her defensive stance. “Again. One way or another, you will learn the true meaning of strength.”

Notes: Just a short little diddy to let one of my characters answer the question. I decided against the group character interviews for tonight. I’m interested in Fae’s idea of strength. I think it’s pretty neat. I think she’s pretty neat. I like this little sci-fi world I’m building bit by bit. I think it might turn into my NaNo story for this year.

TGI Friday! I hope you had a great week! I will see you Sunday with a handful of prompts! Enjoy your weekend!

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