Week 31

Happy first weekend of Fall! It was a beautifully cool day today, perfect for snuggling up with some cider and hot food and football! I spent yesterday working through more of my courses and prepping for NaNo and I foresee some of my evening being dedicated to that as well. I’d prefer to get ahead on my work rather than playing catch up.

I know things have slowed down here on the blog, but I assure you I am working hard honing my skills and planning more writing things so that the blog can thrive in the future. Since we’ve hit the halfway mark on my prompt book I’ve been thinking about what will happen once I reach 300 and where I will go from there. That’s still a ways out though, and there is lots of excitement to come between now and then.

Continuing with my three-day schedule, here are the prompts I will be writing from for the week.

162. Imagine you are planning a trip across the continent on which you live. Assuming you have unlimited time, resources, and energy, what will be your mode of transportation?
163. How do you soothe yourself when you are upset?
164. Write about a time you had to let go of something you loved or wanted.
165. Were you ever involved in a school play as a student? Did you act, sing, design props, play an instrument, or hold prompt cards?
166. What is your favorite breakfast to get you up and out the door?

Tuesday and Friday are shaping up to be double headers. That middle one for Wednesday is sure to be full of angst. Don’t forget to subscribe for more prompts and to see what I do with these! Have a great rest of your Sunday! See you later this week!

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