Week 32

Hello, hello! It’s another beautiful Sunday on this lovely planet we call Earth. I apologize for the absence of a Friday post. My husband and I are very excited about our new house and spent the evening cleaning and shopping and by the time we got home (to our apartment) we just collapsed from exhaustion. Then we did it all again on Saturday.

We got our living room painted and my body hurts. The plan for today is to do a second coat and start painting the smaller spare bedroom (my future office!). I would also love to finish degreasing the hood over the stove but when I was cleaning it yesterday we discovered it’s not reeeeally secure. It just kinda sits on a set of screws and if you apply too much pressure in any direction-read: scrubbing the grease-it pops off and can fall on your (my) head! I just gotta be very careful about it. It’s probably a little over half finished anyway. Oh, and I’m gonna rake. Probably. It was too wet to do it yesterday.

We have spent far too much time in Home Depot this weekend and I don’t foresee that tapering off any time soon. We’ve gotta get everything ready so we can move furniture in and then the rest of our belongings! And finally get out of our silly apartment! Hurray homeownership!

On the blog front, the three-day schedule will continue as time allows. Work is slow right now so I might be able to do some notebook writing in my down time. My work schedule should be more or less back to normal now, though I suspect a good chunk of my evenings will now be spent at the house cleaning and doing minor projects. My plan for the blog is to return to the dailies. Here are the next set of prompts!

167. What has made you angry this week?
168. What is the most offensive thing you have ever heard someone say?
169. What do you want your retirement to be like?
170. What one issue is most important to you when voting for political candidates?

Oh boy, those are some tricky ones. Probably gonna make Friday a twofer. That’ll do it for me today. Get working on these prompts! I’ll see you Tuesday with the first one! Have a great start to your week!

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