I Got 99 Problems and Blog Titles are Half of Them

Happy Sunday! How’s your weekend going? Relaxing? Productive? Some mix of the two? I did some socializing yesterday with my husband’s work friends. We went out to Buffalo Wild Wings to watch the first NFL playoff game of the weekend. The Chiefs won, heck yeah! My team might be the Jets, but I’ve become a Homegirl since having Patrick Mahomes on one of my fantasy teams. He’s just so fun to watch. Plus, it means that even if the Patriots win today, they’ll have to travel for the AFC championship game. And anything that makes Pats fans angry makes me a happy camper.

I didn’t do a heck of a lot of writing yesterday, though I had intended to get at least one prompt done. The writing I did do was in my fanfiction story because sometimes that’s all I feel like working. Mostly I do it to try out new tips and tricks I pick up from Writing Twitter or Pinterest so that I can get better in my other creative writing. I also rewatched the beginning of the anime it’s set in because I wanted to refresh my memory on certain aspects of the world and the characters. I forgot how entertaining it is.

Today I want to get at least two of this week’s prompts done, but I also really need to do some stuff around the house. We have so many boxes left to unpack that are full of things that aren’t exactly necessities. I kind of feel like, if I haven’t been missing anything in those boxes in the two months I’ve lived here, do I really need the stuff inside them? Granted, at least half of those boxes are books and movies and games. Maybe I should try the Marie Kondo tricks and just get rid of anything that doesn’t bring me joy. I threw out and donated a ton of stuff when we moved, but I’m sure there is still a lot more I can do away with.

I suppose sitting here ruminating on what to do with the rest of my day isn’t going to actually get any of that done, so I think I’ll just go ahead and give you this week’s prompt list now!

185. Make up a really awkward description or ad for an online dating site.
186. What is the most useful tool you own?
187. What has ended recently in your life, or what new thing has just begun?
188. What is your favorite holiday, and what do you love about it?
189. Do you like your name? Do you feel like it suits you? If you could change your name, would you? What would you change it to?

Some good, thought provoking prompts in there! Monday’s might be kind of short though. Then again, a 400+ word description for an online dating site surely would be awkward! Good luck with these prompts! I’ll see you tomorrow with my take on the first one! Have a great rest of your weekend!

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