Of Diamonds and Emeralds, Love and Murder

Happy Sunday! How has your weekend been? Between skiing Friday night and the murder mystery party last night, I’ve had a fully scheduled weekend. It’s a lot more excitement than I’m used to but it was super fun. I hadn’t been skiing probably in two years, but like riding a bicycle, it came right back to me as soon as my feet were in the skis. Muscle memory is a wonderful thing.

My husband is growing more confident with every new ski outing we take. (I think it was his 6th time on skis?) It helped that the “mountain” we were skiing was relatively small (<600 ft to the summit). It was also a really warm night, so the conditions were wicked fast. We’d ride up for about 4-5 minutes, then be back at the bottom less than a minute later. I had a blast.

The murder mystery party was also a blast. Part of me thinks that it was more fun not to know anyone else going in, because, at least for me, the characters became more real that way. And everyone showed up dressed to the 9s. The events manager did a fantastic job casting everyone, and most took on their roles very seriously.

A few people weren’t as ready as others, but as the night went on, they fell into their characters easily. One of my biggest concerns going into this party was wondering how my character’s “boyfriend” would react to me. I needn’t have worried because “Alex” did an excellent job deflecting Felicity’s accusations while keeping her wrapped around his finger. Even after learning some horrible things about her beloved and confronting him about it, she still took his word over her trusted friends’.

I had a lot of goals to accomplish, but I really only definitively succeeded in one, and that was in acquiring the famed poet Donovan Jones’s latest book and getting him to sign it. I actually spent a good portion of the night chatting with “Donovan” though I never did learn his secret until it was revealed at the very end.

There were so many secrets! It was exciting to learn the relationships between people as the night went on and find out who was in league with who. As Felicity, I was quite the gossip, and people would tell me things, and of course I would turn around and tell anyone who asked. I didn’t do a very good job of uncovering the secrets, at least not as far as the murders went, but I do think I channeled Felicity very well. I had a great night playing as her.

Of course, now I want to do another one, or host one myself. The interesting thing about this particular brand of murder mystery party is that it’s not as scripted as other brands. I suspect it’s a little more D&D-esque in that the players can change the game as they all work toward their own goals and try to undermine each other. There are scripted events of course (i.e. the discovery of the body, the arrival of the police, the auction), but for the most part, everyone is left to work out the mystery on their own, make or break alliances as they please, and kill other players if they have the desire to. We only lost two players during the course of the night, and one came as the game was ending.

I am so glad we signed up to play. It certainly gave me some new inspiration for my writing! Speaking of which, here is the list of prompts for this week!

*209. What date do you have circled on your calendar? That is, what upcoming date or event are you looking forward to?
210. Describe your ultimate sandwich.
211. What is your favorite CD or album?
212. Describe a way a friend supported you when you needed it.
213. What is the worst emotion a human being can feel?

Well those are certainly interesting. And of course, we have the one carry-over from last week thanks to Thursday’s migraine. C’est la vie. Back to the writing we go! Have a lovely end of your Sunday, and I will see you tomorrow!

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