Back In Business

Aaand we’re back! How was your week? Did you get any writing done? Go on any fun adventures? Get enough sleep? Since my post on Wednesday, I have written 0 words until these words here. It’s all good though. I got to spend a few super fun days with my little sister. We nerded it up all weekend, watched a lot of movies and anime, talked shop (she’s a wicked talented artist and I’m commissioning her to make me a new profile pic after watching her doodle one for herself while she was here), did some shopping, and ate a ridiculous amount of food. It was a very chill weekend and I think she needed it as much as I did.

Yesterday we saw Captain Marvel. It was awesome. Carol is the best. Don’t ever tell her what she can’t do. That movie made me feel like I could do anything I set my mind to. We went shopping afterward and she had a Hobby Lobby gift card from Christmas she wanted to spend. She got some new art supplies and I looked over the drawing guide books. I’ve really wanted to be able to draw all my own characters, if for no other reason than to better visualize them, but I’ve never been able to draw bodies well. I was still feeling inspired from the movie so I splurged on myself and bought a beginner figure drawing book. Maybe once I’m through this prompt book I’ll start posting some sketches of my characters? Anything is possible!

After the movie, she also mentioned she had never gotten to see Into The Spiderverse when it was in theaters. So of course I bought it on digital as soon as we got home. We waited until my husband got home from work (poor guy, stuck working over the weekend) to watch it and watched Venom in the meantime, cause she hadn’t seen that one either. It was a very Marvel-filled day. Not that you’d ever catch me complaining about that.

Unfortunately our weekend had to come to an end and she had to go home this afternoon. I took her about halfway and met mom for lunch. Now it’s back to “adulting.” I went grocery shopping and did some housework and I’m settling in to do some writing tonight. I am looking forward to doing more writing. My break was nice, but I want to be writing again. I think that’s a good sign that the blog has been fulfilling its intended purpose in keeping me excited about writing. Hopefully this week’s prompts are inspiring!

Let’s see what we’ve got on deck, shall we?

224. If you had a child who had done something very wrong, such as stealing, how would you punish them?
225. Do you do good things when no one is watching?
226. Were you ever bullied as a child? Tell a story of a time you were bullied, or a time you observed someone being bullied.
227. Rewrite some of these commonly used idioms to make them more interesting, or maybe start a story: “Pardon my French,” “My mind is in a fog,” “There is more than one way to skin a cat,” “You are on thin ice.”
228. What requires your patience today?

Oof, those first four might answer the last one for me. Welp, time to let the ol’ brain start stewing over these and hopefully get some interesting stories out this week. I’d like to miss the struggle bus this week. Have a great rest of your Sunday! See you tomorrow!

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