Prompt 228-Patience

What requires your patience today?

Surrender to me, child. Give up this foolish struggle. Izanami sounded as bored as she always did, but today she betrayed a small measure of irritation.

Mika strained to contain the intense power flowing through her, but that slight change in the demon’s demeanor emboldened her. She laughed through gritted teeth. “Why would I do that? I’m just getting the hang of this.”

The black flames swelled and lashed out through the courtyard. A snake-like tendril lunged for Yukina, but the ice maiden’s barrier deflected it with ease. Izanami despised Yukina almost as much as she despised Hiei. Mika knew it had as much to do with their relationship as siblings as it did with her aunt’s icy powers. Izanami especially loathed Yukina’s ability to seal her within Mika.

“Concentrate,” Yukina ordered Mika. “You could have recalled that flame before it ever reached me.”

Izanami’s laughter rang in Mika’s ears. She thinks so highly of you. She does not realize how close to the edge you really are. Shall I pierce her barrier this time and prove to her how little control you really have? Several tendrils of flame exploded from her body at once.

“I won’t let you touch her,” Mika growled. She focused on the flow of the flames back to their source. They came from within her, so they should have been hers to control. Izanami understood what Mika was doing and hastened her attack. Yukina’s ice barrier crackled under the pressure of the dark flame. Mika found the fires within herself and pulled them back, forcing them to the pit of her stomach once more.

I will not be confined here forever, Izanami snarled as her consciousness faded.

“You’ll stay put and shut up,” Mika said. She smiled at Yukina and gave her a thumbs up. “I finally did it!”

Yukina’s return smile held more amusement than pride. “Congratulations, Mika. You were able to wrest control of the flames from Izanami for a moment.”

“A moment? I’m pretty sure I just beat her into submission.”

“That remains to be seen,” Yukina said. “However, you did do well today. You really have improved a lot in the past few days.”

Mika flinched. She told herself it was just because of the seal Yukina replaced over Izanami’s weakened spirit and not because her aunt was insinuating she was working harder to get back to Youko sooner. It had been three days since she had sent him away. Dreams of him and Yuri had woken her in a cold sweat every night since. If that wasn’t motivation enough to get her power under her control, she didn’t know what was.

“I want to hurry to my father’s side and find my brother,” she said. It was simple truth, even if it wasn’t the whole truth.

Yukina’s hand gently brushed her arm. “I know you wish to be with him, but you must be patient. You still have a long way to go before you will be ready to leave this place.”

“Did I or did I not just subdue Izanami with my own strength?” Mika tried not to bark at her.

“One success out of dozens of attempts does not suddenly make you an expert.” Yukina led her back into the house. “Besides, there is more to teach you once I’m confident you really do have control.”

Mika looked out towards the mountains as the setting sun painted them gold and bronze. She knew Yukina was right, but she was so anxious to be out hunting. To be with Youko and away from her own dark thoughts. Patience was not a luxury she could afford.

Notes: Oh hey, it’s Mika again. I feel like I haven’t written her in forever. I used her a couple weeks ago, but I kind of cheated on that one and edited part of a chapter I’d already written for her story. This one is also a continuation of a previous post that’s a bit of a throwback. Hard to believe I wrote that over a year ago.

As for myself, I require my own patience. It’s a Friday night so I was just vegging most of the evening and wasn’t paying attention to the time. Before I knew it I was sitting down late to begin my writing for the evening. I wanted to scold myself but I also need to be patient with myself when I begin to think “oh well, I’ll just do it tomorrow.”

That does it for this week! Have a great weekend. See you Sunday with a new list of prompts!

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