Hello, Spring!

Is that really you? Have you finally arrived? I’ve opened my windows today hoping you’ll stick around for a while. The cats are certainly enjoying your visit. The house already feels fresher. I’ve been inspired to begin a list of projects to do around the house but it is already longer than my arm.

I love being a homeowner, I really do. I can do whatever I want to my walls and floors and rearrange furniture to my heart’s content and dig up my yard however I please. Unfortunately I want to do SO MANY THINGS and all of these things cost money. Money I can save, of course, but that means waiting and I AM IMPATIENT. I want all the things done NOW.

There are things that need doing first and foremost, taking priority. Like the boiler. It functions just fine and we survived the winter without freezing to death, but it is ancient. And the hot water heater is at the end of its recommended usage. But I also really want to furnish the rest of the basement. I finally have a concrete vision of how I want it to be set up when it’s all said and done, but that will have to take a back seat to the boiler/heater situation, which is going to be expensive.

We’re also planning a few trips in the next year and a half that are gonna cut into our saving for house stuff. Usually I would work a bit of OT to try to offset some of these expenses but my current project doesn’t have as much room in the budget for OT as previous projects I’ve worked on. Plus that would cut into my writing time and I’m not sure I’m willing to sacrifice that just so I can get my to-do list done faster. The one thing I have is time. I need to accept that I don’t need to finish all my house projects in a year. I’m also like 98% sure that the homeowner’s curse is the infinite to-do list and it will never actually be done.

Oh well. We’ll get there eventually. In the short term, I’ve got some prompts to write from this week. Here we go:

229. What would you like said about you at your funeral?
230. Is there a mistake you keep making repeatedly in your life? Explain.
231. Should kids be allowed to have personal cell phones and tablets in school?
232. Are you making the world a better place?
233. What is a priority for you right now?

I like this list much better than some of the previous weeks. Hopefully I still feel the same when I sit down to write each night this week! Have a great rest of your Sunday. I’ll see you tomorrow!

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