Feels Like Summer

It’s Sunday, folks, and you know what that means! Another weekly update post and a new list of prompts! And it’s a holiday weekend here in the States, so I’ve got a beautiful 3-day weekend to enjoy. It’s hot today, but yesterday was perfect. Got to play some tennis in the early afternoon. I’m a little sore today, but it was so fun.

My husband was teasing me at one point because I’d rolled my shoulders after a nice return that he missed. They’ve been really tight all week because I spend my whole day at one computer or another and I have terrible posture. (I really need a massage.) He laughed and asked me if I was doing a little Nadal swagger just because I’d had a good shot. It was breezy and I had to ask him to repeat himself a couple times because I couldn’t understand what he was saying from across the court. Then, of course, once I got on the same page, I became super self conscious about it for a few rallies. But then we turned it into silliness and were shimmying across from each other before each serve.

After lunch, he spent the rest of the afternoon doing yard work. He mulched the garden and put some fabric over the peppers to try and get them warmer. We hadn’t realized they should have been started inside before planting them in the garden, so we probably won’t be getting peppers this year, but we’re still gonna try to see if we can make them grow. Our zucchini have already sprouted, and a few of our bok choy plants have too. The scallions look to be sprouting to me, but he thinks it’s just grass that snuck its way in. We’ll see in a week or so.

This afternoon we’re heading up to my mom’s to spend Memorial Day with her and celebrate my stepdad’s birthday. It’ll be a nice day to spend in an air conditioned car driving through the Berkshires. Hopefully tomorrow will be cooler like yesterday was. My ideal temperature is like 73F with a light breeze. Once it creeps over 80F I get cranky. But she did get the pool open this weekend so if it is stupid hot tomorrow, I’ll at least be able to cool off. Not that the water temp will be anything like comfortable. Low 60s if I’m lucky. Still, a quick dip will be nice in the heat.

We’re only going overnight and returning tomorrow late afternoon, so there shouldn’t be any interruption to the posting schedule for this week. The week ends on the 31st which means next week is June. If you’ve been with me since the beginning, you will recall that I took a break in June last year after writing 100 prompts. I’m going to do that again. The muse is itching to work on my longer projects, and I want to be able to spend more time than just weekends on those for a while. I also want to take some time and update my site pages and do some housekeeping on the blog itself. Any posts I make will be sporadic and more in following with the update format than the prompt format. But then we’ll dive into the final 25 prompts starting July 1st!

Before that, though, we have five more prompts to write to close out the month. What’ve we got this week?

271. What was the last puzzle you worked on?
272. What kinds of items fill your bookshelves?
273. What kinds of recipes do you gravitate towards (e.g. desserts, casseroles, drinks)?
274. Have you ever been attacked by an animal?
275. What would life be like if unicorns and dragons existed?

I really like that last prompt. Probably gonna try an urban fantasy short story with that one. Not really sure about the others though. It’s gonna be a weird week.

Welp, time to go finish up some housework, make a slaw for tomorrow, and pack for my overnight at mom’s! Have a great rest of your weekend! See you tomorrow!

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