Prompt 314-Name Change

If you could change your first name to another name, what would you choose and is there any significance?

“What the heck kind of a name is “Lucky” anyway?” the kids at school taunted her. How she wished it was just a quirky nickname, a supernatural trait bestowed on her at birth, anything but her given name. It was a name for a stray, not a girl of almost twelve who was growing increasingly resentful of her doting parents.

“We were so lucky you came into this world!” her father would say, with a wide grin that revealed a couple missing teeth. If he’d still had some luck left, the pipe that had taken them might not have come free of its straps to swing into his face.

Mama’s exclamations were worse. Her smile was whole, but her body had never recovered from bringing Lucky into the world. Complications during delivery had left her paralyzed from the waist down. She had been confined to a wheelchair for all of Lucky’s life. How could that much pain and suffering be considered lucky?

She wished she could change her name. She wished for a more beautiful name; a name not cursed with the tragedy of her birth. Rose. A beautiful flower and symbol of love. She could be Rose and still hold all the love of her parents within her name. She wouldn’t have to carry the burden of being Lucky anymore.

Notes: I didn’t really have anywhere to go with this so I’m just ending it here before I get off the rails and crash and burn. This was a hard one for me because I like my name. I think it suits me just fine and I don’t know what other name I would go by.

When I was in high school, there were a few other Sara’s in my grade, one who I shared several classes with. I had a friend who had too many friends named Sara(h) so he gave us all new names. I was Charlie because we would often quote the Charlie the Unicorn videos back and forth to each other. Aside from that, I never really thought about going by a different name and I don’t know what I would choose if it was for myself.

I already have plenty of names, when you get right down to it. My characters are all extensions of me to some degree or another. I gain a new name with each new character I create. Even a kid named Lucky. Not sure if I have a story for her or if I just want to keep her in my character bank, but I liked the idea of a character with an unconventional name with strong connotations.

That does it for me tonight! I will have the last prompt up for you tomorrow. Have a great weekend!

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