Prompt 315-Surprise Party

If you threw yourself a surprise party, what would it look like and if you could invite anyone in the world, who would you invite?

I’m not all that big on parties and I am less keen on surprises. I’m also fairly intuitive and therefore pretty difficult to surprise anyway. The notable exception here is when my husband proposed on our third day at Disney and I’d had NO CLUE he was carrying a ring with him the entire trip while my mom and sisters all knew. My sister also succeeded in throwing me a surprise party for my 18th birthday, though I deduced what was going on by the night before. (Really? None of my friends were free to hang out with me on my birthday? A Saturday, even? My boyfriend had a too-specific itinerary for the day? A receipt accidentally left on the counter from the beverage store showing several cases of soda on it that were nowhere to be found? VERY SUSPICIOUS.) I was surprised by how many people were actually in my basement when we got back to my house. I figured maybe 3 or 4 additional people would have shown up but I think there were at least a dozen.

So, I don’t really have the need to throw myself a surprise party. I had one over a decade ago. That said, if I were to do it again, I probably wouldn’t do anything extravagant. I’d order pizzas (gluten free for me) and have drinks and probably set up Rock Band on the PlayStation for some good old nostalgia gaming. As an introvert I very much prefer more intimate gatherings. Certainly, no strangers. Inviting anyone in the world? Only if they’re in my inner circle! Though I suppose maybe I’d invite Tom Cruise if I could. If only to personally apologize for my (self-perceived) rude behavior six years ago.

That will do it for me this week! Next week we should be back on our normal M-F schedule. See you tomorrow with the list of prompts! Have a great rest of your weekend!

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