Alone Time

Hello friends! Happy Sunday! Who’s ready to start a new week? Are you all rested up from the weekend? Not quite ready for it to be over? That’s okay, the day’s still young! There’s plenty of time to get in some writing or cleaning or family time or yard work or whatever else it is you want to do!

I had the house to myself this weekend. Hubby was out of town visiting friends at a buddy’s bachelor party so I had me a cozy little spinster weekend. Friday night wasn’t really any different from my usual Friday nights except that I only had my cats to snuggle with when I went to bed. I still got my blog post written and vegged to all the new summer anime episodes that came out over the week.

Yesterday I did a little bit of cleaning. I owed you one more post for the week after missing Monday so I spent an hour or so writing that up. And then I was feeling inspired so I packed up my laptop and took myself out to lunch before heading to a coffee shop to do some writing in the wild. I don’t think I’ve had Starbucks since last winter so it was a refreshing change. I didn’t write quite as much as I hoped to, but it was better than not writing at all and that is good enough for me.

Of course, then I was wired. I don’t handle late afternoon caffeine well, particularly espresso. I can sometimes have a caffeinated soda and be fine, but I’m almost guaranteed to be up til 2am if I have coffee after 3pm. I’d already decided I was going to mow the lawn when I got home since Andrew didn’t have time to do it before he left for the weekend (the yard is primarily his domain). It was getting really unruly after all the rain we had this week (4″ over two and a half days, never mind the tornado warnings).

All was going well until I was about 90% of the way done with the yard and the mower stalled on me and wouldn’t restart. It had gotten clogged again, and despite clearing the clog and making sure there was gas in it, letting it sit and cool down for half an hour, it had decided enough was enough. I finished the thickest portion of the remaining grass with the weedwacker and by then the sun was starting to go down.

I’d had plans to do more writing after dinner but by the time I finished working in the yard and got cleaned up I was too tired to even cook anything. I ordered wings and curled up on the couch with a movie. USA had RED and RED2 on consecutively so you bet I sat and watched them both until midnight. God I love Helen Mirren. I love the dialogue in both of those movies. It’s just so lively and I hope I can write dialogue that entertaining someday.

Speaking of writing, you probably want some prompts for the week. Let’s see here…

316. Write a letter to someone you haven’t met that is having a bad day.
317. What gives you hope and why?
318. If you had to create a definition for a rainbow, how would you define it and what would you say its meaning or purpose is?
319. Do you believe in something most people don’t? What keeps you believing?
320. What future challenge are you looking forward to and why?

Oh these, I like these. This should be a good week!

Well, hubby’s on his way back and should be here in a couple hours. I should probably go do some more cleaning or something. … Or I’ll continue to sit here and work on some writing. Chances are higher for the latter, haha. Anyway, have a great rest of your Sunday. I’ll see you tomorrow!

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