Prompt 320-Future Challenge

What future challenge are you most looking forward to and why?

Near term, I’m looking forward to my fantasy football draft tonight. “Sara, that’s not really a challenge.” Oh but it is! I’ve had no time to research players, find out which sleepers to target. Aside from the big names, I don’t know who’s retired, who’s changed teams, who’s injured. I mean, it’s not like that information won’t be available to me during the draft, but I’m jumping in unprepared!

I say all that like I am ever prepared. Five years commissioning this league (or wait, is this the sixth year?) and I think I only ever did research before one draft, maybe two. Usually I just wing it. I almost never finish the season with the team I draft anyway. Injuries usually get me, but sometimes I just put my faith in the wrong players, or the team dynamics change and suddenly they cease to be fantasy relevant. My favorite year of “winging it” was on Yahoo and their predictive analysis projected my team to go winless and finish at the bottom of the league. Reader, I was the League Champ that year.

The stakes aren’t very high. For years the only prize was the bragging rights that came with winning, but a couple years ago I started offering weekly and season prizes. The first year I funded it myself as a trial run to see how well it worked and if it kept people interested. It was a great success and the following year everyone agreed to a buy-in so we could do it again. I’m excited to do it again this year.

The draft is why I’m posting early. I got out of work at lunchtime, as I expected I might, and decided to take my laptop and head to a café to write. I did it last weekend too, when I was home alone and wanted a change of scenery, though I was working on other projects, not the blog.

As far as a more future challenge goes, I look forward to finishing a novel and going through the publication process, whatever route I take there. I’ve been slowly sketching out my idea for NaNo this year so with any luck that will be the first novel I finish. Then I can tackle the challenge of revising and editing! How fun will that be!

Well that’s all I’ve got for you folks this week. I hope you enjoy the long weekend! I’ll be back on Sunday as usual with a new list of prompts and some anecdote or another to fill an hour of writing. See you then!

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