A Fair Weekend

Howdy friends! Happy Sunday! How’s your weekend going? My fantasy draft Friday night was as much fun as I expected it to be. I love my league. Half the people have never met the other half, some people only know a couple others, but every year we all get together and have a fun few months. One of these years I’m going to get everyone together for a live in-person draft at my house.

I also had another draft tonight with a couple guys I work with and friends of theirs I’ve never met. Fantasy really does bring people together. But I’ve spent enough time talking about fantasy football the last few posts (I can feel my mother’s eyes rolling into the back of her head as I type this, haha) so I promise I’m done for a bit.

My husband and I found a fair to go to yesterday (after missing out on one earlier in the month because he had schoolwork to finish). I grew up in upstate NY where the fair was a major staple of summer. My memories of my childhood summers are heavily influenced by the fact that we lived right around the corner from the county fairgrounds and always had the full fair experience every year. (We were also farm kids, granddaughters of a dairy farmer, so it was already in our DNA.) Our house had a covered porch, the roof of which was easily accessible from the bedroom windows on that side of the house, and every year we laid blankets out on it to watch the fireworks at the end of fair week.

In CT, the fairs aren’t as big. They don’t last a full week (at least, not that I’ve found, the Big E not included) and the venues aren’t quite the same scope. The one we went to yesterday was nice in that it had a lot of shady areas. The NY fairs we are accustomed to take place in massive open fields with little cover from the sun, but CT is much hillier/woodsier so the fairgrounds have more cover. The picnic area was literally in a stand of trees, it was so comfortable. And since we arrived at lunch time I was starving and followed my nose to the BBQ chicken vendor. “I smell chicken!” I cried upon entering and then proceeded to hunt down which church or fire department was serving up the smoky chicken-y deliciousness. (It was a church.)

I love fair food. I know it’s basically all food trucks and overpriced buckets of grease but you can pry it from my cold, dead hands. (Dead from the high blood pressure induced by all the greasy fair food I ate. NO RAGRETS.) I had a root beer float while I watched tractor pulls. I ate fried dough while shopping the handful of vendors. I tried a few different hot sauces and cleared my sinuses. I sipped fresh squeezed lemonade while wandering through the livestock exhibits. It was a glorious day full of nostalgia.

Today was a super lazy day by comparison. Ok, no comparison needed, it was just lazy. I’d had ambitions to get up and go play tennis, especially after the beautiful display of sportsmanship between Osaka and Coco last night (shut up, you’re still crying about it, not me). But I was up late writing, so I slept in late and didn’t feel like going to the courts as soon as I got up. And then I ended up watching Disney movies all day. I don’t regret that either. I’ve still got a whole day left before I have to go back to work. I’m gonna focus on some more writing tomorrow.

Speaking of writing! We’ve got more prompts for this week!

321. If money was no object, how would you spoil yourself for the next 24 hours?
322. If given an opportunity is there anything you wouldn’t do?
323. Do you think there comes a time to stop chasing your dream, why?
324. What is the one thing you don’t eat that you wish you could and why?
325. Would you ever house swap with someone and if so where and how long would you swap?

Hmm, might be another tough week. At least I have tomorrow off to write to my heart’s content.  I hope you all have a lovely Labor Day! See you in the evening!

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