Prompt 321-Self Care Day

If money was no object, how would you spoil yourself for the next 24 hours?

I’m a woman of simple pleasures. I don’t require much to feel spoiled. That said, I would absolutely take myself to fancy spa and get a nice, long massage. Maybe a facial while I’m at it. I’ve never had one done professionally, only ever used the cheap masks you can get in the health and beauty section of the grocery store. I’d also get a mani-pedi at the nicest salon within fifty miles. Money is no object after all, so I may as well treat myself to the most extravagant salons, but I also don’t want to waste much of my 24 hours traveling to these places.

I would also get my hair done. I’d go for a deep conditioning and full styling session. I’m spoiling myself so why not go full make-over? I’ve been growing it out since it was shaved last summer but it’s still pretty short. I’d like to color it something wild, I’m thinking mermaid hair. Blues and greens and purples. Get a fresh cut to make it really pop.

Once I’ve been pampered and made over, I’m going to go shopping and get a fancy outfit or dress for a fancy dinner reservation at a fancy restaurant. Yes, the theme of the day is “fancy.” While at dinner you can bet I’m going to try the most expensive wines (just because I can) and I’m gonna get an extravagant dessert because screw it I’m being spoiled today.

After dinner I’m going to get the nicest suite at the nicest hotel, again within 50 miles, and spend the rest of my evening in the jacuzzi tub. I’ll be ordering room service to bring me more wine and maybe a late-night snack if I don’t just pass out from all the relaxing I’m doing all day. I will definitely order room service for breakfast.

With the remaining hours of my self-care day, I will take myself to a bookstore and buy all the books on my wishlist and maybe some new notebooks. If, somehow, there is still time, I will go to a movie and get the largest popcorn I can carry. Like I said, the simple things.

Notes: Not too much else to add here. Just a little short post to kick off the week early. Smol post. Bb. I’ve spent my Labor Day cleaning and grocery shopping and writing and I’m not done yet. Gonna work on getting the prompts done ahead of my Seattle trip in a few weeks and since I have plenty of time today for writing, I’m gonna take full advantage of that. Have a great rest of your day! See you tomorrow!

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