Week 28

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope the weather is nice for you. Friday and Saturday were beautiful here, but it’s going to be hot again this week. And of course our central air decided to stop working on the holiday weekend. Annoyed with maintenance because they won’t come fix it unless it’s an “emergency” (which they define as temps above 80F). Apparently they missed the “excessive heat warning” that was issued but we’ll try again tomorrow. We’ve only got a couple months left of this place anyway.

I should be spending my free time cleaning out my excess stuff and packing non-essentials to prep for our move, but all I’ve done is make a list of things that I know need sorting/tossing/donating. I am also starting a two month writing course through Wesleyan and Coursera to prep for NaNo. Depending on the work load, this might mean fewer posts here on the blog. More on the schedule once I’ve spent some time figuring out the courses.

I mentioned last week that I was almost at 100 followers and actually achieved that milestone the other day! So thank you all for subscribing and coming by every day to get some writing prompts. I hope you also enjoy my interpretations of the prompts as much as I enjoy writing them! Let’s keep this daily habit going! Here are some more prompts for the upcoming week.

*150. Do you have an ex that you would ever consider dating again? (If not, how bad were they?)
151. Write about a recent decision you have made.
152. Does writing change you? How does writing make you a better person?
153. What is your mom like?
154. If you could go back in time exactly 10 years and give yourself some advice, what would you tell yourself?
155. Make up a new ending for this saying: “People who live in glass houses should not…”
156. Write about an item you use frequently that you think (or hope) will be obsolete in 20 years.

Ok, that should definitely be enough. Have a great Monday! See you tomorrow!

*Reminder that starred prompts are carried over from the previous week’s list.


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