Welcome back to another week of prompts! I know, I know, Sunday is almost over and this post is coming to you pretty late for a weekly update post. It’s been a weird day.

I woke up feeling off. My head has been kinda fuzzy on and off lately, and I was up late reading last night so I attributed my fuzziness this morning to just general tiredness. I figured it would clear up with some coffee and some breakfast and to some extent, it did.

But as the afternoon approached, I started feeling drowsy again. Drowsy, but not exactly tired. I laid down on the couch for a bit with my eyes closed but I never really dozed off. I made sure to drink a lot of water when I got up, in case I was dehydrated, but I’m usually pretty good about staying hydrated.

My husband suggested we go out for a bit and get some fresh air and I agreed. It was after 1 so we also thought maybe I just needed to eat. We had a delicious burger at a local joint that sources everything locally and I started feeling a little better. Then we found a park not too far from there and explored around it. The sun was hot but there was a decent breeze that felt cool in the shade.

By the time we went grocery shopping and got home, some storms were rolling in. All in all, not a bad afternoon. And the whole weekend was nice, since we spent Saturday at my grandma’s with my sister. Also, got my desktop back up and running so I don’t have to type on a laptop keyboard anymore. Part of why I’m so late posting tonight is because I spent a while after dinner re-installing all my programs and internet bookmarks.

Anyway, you’re here for some prompts so let’s see what’s on the docket this week, shall we?

311. Compare your sense of humor to 3 things and describe why you chose them.
312. Create an indoor Olympics for your home. Describe the games and what you’d use to make them. Create fun categories not seen in the traditional games like: Ultimate Pillow Fight.
313. If you could paint a picture of your favorite memory, what would it look like?
314. If you could change your first name to another name, what would you choose and is there any significance?
315. If you threw yourself a surprise party, what would it look like and if you could invite anyone in the world; who would you invite?

Those are some pretty specific prompts. It’s a good thing I got a story out of every prompt last week because this week looks far less promising. That’s okay though. Doing something a little different and getting out of my comfort zone is what these prompts are all about.

Ok, it is late. Time for sleeps! See you tomorrow!

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